Kauri Oil & Gas is firmly of the opinion that New Zealand can be another Norway. As a geologist, I fully accept climate change, and a human signature in the current phase, but don’t accept that carbon dioxide is the villain – and have documented my reasoning (see Presentations). But while NZ has elected to turn away from fossil fuels, markets are opening in Australia and S.E.Asia for LNG to offset coal use in electricity generation and reduce air pollution.

Kauri believes Taranaki Is a world class hydrocarbon province. The basin has ubiquitous oil and gas shows yet, despite often good reservoir quality, zones fail to flow, or flow at sub-commercial rates. Kauri believes this is the result of reservoir damage caused by using the wrong drilling technology for the reservoir, and specifically for the pressure regime. Understanding the charge history of a field leads to a better understanding of fluid distribution and pressure systems.  This in turn leads to optimised drilling and production technologies.